San Antonio might know how to stop Golden State

Are the Spurs the opposite of the Warriors?
D. Clarke Evans/NBAE/Getty Images

The San Antonio Spurs are normally associated with smart basketball. They pass, cut, screen and shoot as well as any team in the league. 

But this year they're going against the grain just a bit, playing lineups that are big while most of the league trends small. 

Here's what Michael Pina of RealGM had to say about this fascinating situation:

The Spurs are still really good, arguably the second toughest out in the league. But are they saving their small-ball lineups for games that actually matter, or is this really just them embracing an unseasonable playing style?

What’s funny? Leonard and Aldridge figure to be San Antonio’s crunch-time frontcourt for the next four years, but have only played a grand total of 11 minutes together without a third big on the court, per NBA Wowy. As the rest of the league shrinks, the Spurs are growing.

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