Gregg Popovich says you should be ’embarrassed’ for not doing enough to end hunger

Pop is challenging you to make a difference.

Soobum Im/Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

The world is much larger than just basketball for San Antonio Spurs Gregg Popovich. It’s a philosophy he’s committed to sharing with his players. And earlier this week, the team came together to help fight hunger and want in their own backyard.

On Monday, the Spurs joined forces with the San Antonio Food Bank to host the fifth Champions Against Hunger charity dinner. Players such as Tony Parker and new arrival Andre Miller donned aprons and towels and served the fans and philanthropists in attendance:

Best of all, Boris Diaw was on hand to offer his services as a sommelier — complete with requisite wine snobbery for those asking questions deemed basic:

Popovich & Co. seemed to have a good time, but the Spurs coach was also quick to note the dire plight of hunger in San Antonio and around the world (via

“In San Antonio, we have a great need,” Popovich said. “The Food Bank serves about 58,000 families each week. We have a lot of kids and families who need meals. The need never seems to go away, and this is one example of what we can do off the court.” […]

“Everybody knows there’s disparity, but it’s almost an embarrassing situation,” Popovich said. “If you’re doing well, you should be embarrassed if you’re doing nothing to try to ease that gap. Whether it’s spending time with organizations, giving money, or both, it’s a responsibility that cannot be denied. If you deny it, shame on you.”

That sense of one’s place in the world and the responsibility we all have to each other permeates the Spurs’ culture. Popovich has repeatedly explained just how important humor, character and kindness are for those who hope to join the program in San Antonio. 

For Pop, there’s one question that matters above all others: "Has a person gotten over themselves?" If so, they’ll quickly become part of the Spurs family — a family that looks out for those in the community.