WATCH: Spurs’ Coyote imitates Manu, catches another bat in San Antonio

When it comes to bats, the Coyote gets the job done.
Joe Murphy/NBAE/Getty Images

If you had a little bit of deja vu Monday night, you were probably watching the San Antonio Spurs take on the Minnesota Timberwolves — or, more precisely, the pregame activities.

Before tip-off, a bat was on the loose in San Antonio’s AT&T Center. And whereas last time Manu Ginobili took care of the flying mammal, this time it was the Spurs’ coyote mascot who took on extermination duties:

That’s a bit more humane than Halloween night in 2009, when Ginobili smacked a bat right out of the air:

According to the Spurs, the bat survived its run-in with the Coyote, which has us resting easy. But has anyone investigated whether a certain superhero has taken up residence underneath the arena? With all of the bats, we can’t help but wonder.