How did Tim Duncan inspire Al Jefferson to lose 25 Pounds?

Charlotte Hornets center Al Jefferson lost serious weight this summer. But why, after over a decade in the league, did the most talented post scorer alive feel like now was the time to cut fried chicken from his diet and slim down?

San Antonio Spurs legend Tim Duncan was all the inspiration Jefferson needed, per SB Nation's At the Hive:

Duncan and Jefferson are both awesome players/people, and it's great to see one inspire the other. 

But, of course, Duncan will probably regret planting the whole “losing weight is good for you” idea in Jefferson's head when the Spurs face the Hornets, and he has to guard a quicker force on the block. 

(h/t: At the Hive)

“I had to get the pressure off my knees, man,” Jefferson said. “Tim Duncan set a great example. He lost his weight, he got down, and he's 38 or 39 still playing at a high level. I just turned 30, and it was time to add some years to my career, man. I've still got a lot of ball to play.” Jefferson referenced Duncan's career arc many times when talking about his weight loss and where he wants to take his career. Much like Jefferson, Duncan battled knee problems earlier in his career and over the span of several seasons worked to get his weight down, thereby extending his career.

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