Kings’ Divac reportedly ‘not returning calls’ from other NBA GM’s

Sacramento Kings former center Vlade Divac speaks with the press after being named Vice President of Basketball and Franchise operations at Sleep Train Arena.

You’ve heard the trade rumors involving Sacramento’s DeMarcus Cousins. More recently, you’ve seen headlines surrounding Rudy Gay as trade bait for the Kings.

But how can Sacramento make a trade if their general manager is not even returning telephone calls? According to’s Brian Windhorst on The Lowe Post, front offices around the NBA are generally frustrated by Divac’s inability to respond and be an effective communicator. Could that invalidate trade rumors, including recent ones about Gay? 

"I don’t know how many calls Vlade is getting," said Windhorst, during the podcast. "But I’ve heard from people that sometimes, they call him and Vlade’s just like, ‘We’re not doing business, so I’m not calling you back.’" 

As Dan Feldman from NBC Sports explains, this is not Divac attempting to be savvy. Lowe adds later in the podcast that, apparently, when the Kings trade Stauskas to the 76ers he had no idea that he needed to finalize the trade with the league office.

"I’m not probably a typical GM or executive," said Divac, via CBS Sports. "I’m spending time with the guys; I have fun with them. I listen to what they say, I listen to what the coaches say and try to be a team. I’m creating an environment where we’re all on the same page and working together."

Perhaps Divac needs to take a moment to make sure he’s not only listening to his team but also to his voicemail. If reports are true, he may have some missed calls with important business worth following up about. 

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