George Karl on victory: ‘I’ve got a crazy team … I’m kind of crazy’

George Karl thinks his team is kind of crazy.
Brett Davis/Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Even without suspended point guard Rajon Rondo, the Kings pulled off a huge victory over the Houston Rockets.

After the game, head coach George Karl sat down for a press conference and had some very interesting insight to offer about his team. He discussed the dynamic roster and how there are many styles his roster can utilize. Karl wasn't happy with how many turnovers his team allowed, however he seemed otherwise satisfied with his players. 

“I think it was a hell of a win,” said Karl, via Comcast Sportsnet Bay Area. “I've got a crazy team. And I'm kind of crazy. Some of our crazy decisions were amazing.”

Rudy Gay — who had a dominant performance against the Rockets with 17 points, 13 rebounds and six steals — was asked about the quote from his coach.

“I don’t think I’m crazy, but, crazy people don’t usually think they’re crazy, so who knows,” said Gay, via Comcast Sportsnet Bay Area.

Whether it's chaos or peace, the Kings are on a hot streak and look to keep winning. 

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