Ryan McDonough drops hints about Phoenix’s offseason plan

Phoenix Suns GM Ryan McDonough took a big chance with the way he built the 2014-15 Suns roster. You could argue that Phoenix's three best players were all point guards, which inevitably led to some issues regarding minutes and chemistry. 

Although changes were eventually made at the trade deadline when Isaiah Thomas and Goran Dragic were both dealt, the Suns weren't able to attain the 8th seed they fought for all season long.

So what does McDonough have in mind for this offseason? Here's what he told the Phoenix Suns' official website:

"We'll add to this group for next year," McDonough said in an interview with Suns.com. "We'll bring in some more veteran leadership and balance out the roster a little bit more traditionally. I think you'll see us bounce back up again next year." 

"We're going to try and balance out the roster a little better in terms of the ages of the players on the roster."

(h/t Phoenix Suns)