Russell Westbrook sends less than subtle message in ‘Now I Do What I Want’ Nike ad

Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

If it wasn't already clear, Russell Westbrook isn't weeping over the Great Kevin Durant Departure.

Westbrook's spent the intervening time between Durant's signing with the Golden State Warriors and the NBA season laughing off questions about his former teammate and, well, clowning.

And in a new Jordan Brand ad, Westbrook promotes his lifestyle shoe, the Westbrook 0.2, with a rather, uh, straightforward message with the help of Lil Uzi Vert: “Now I do what I want.”

It's a fun spot, with Westbrook dancing like he's E. Honda at the Saint Pablo Tour and generally loving life.

The ad is also a breath of fresh air from the YOU'RE NOT SUPPOSED TO BE HERE BUT YOU ARE HERE tenor of many other shoe ads coming out today. While other athletes' shoe campaigns are slow-motion, black and white retrospectives built around The Struggle, Westbrook's enjoying the now, the fruits of the labor—fruits like being the undisputed face of an NBA franchise.

In summation: thank you, Russ, for doing you. And dancing like you're trying to beat up a car in Street Fighter.

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