Russell Westbrook has historically bad game before getting tossed for arguing with refs

Russell Westbrook has been on a historic tear this season but Thursday night against the Memphis Grizzlies, the Oklahoma City Thunder superstar was just historically bad before being ejected in the third quarter.

Westbrook became the first player in the past 20 years to have six or more turnovers and no assists in the first quarter, a stunning turn of events for a player who came into the game second in the league in assists per game at 10.9.

It didn’t get much better for Westbrook. In the third quarter, he was ejected after arguing with officials, who assessed the perennial All-Star two quick technicals.

Westbrook, who came into the game averaging a triple-double, finished with 21 points, five rebounds and no assists, becoming the first player in the past 25 years to be ejected while posting no assists and more than five turnovers.

Westbrook wasn’t pleased with the ejection after the game, claiming he doesn’t get officiated like other stars.