Westbrook dismisses Villanueva’s pregame stunt: ‘That’s for the guys who don’t play’

Before the tipoff at the Thunder-Mavericks Game 2, Mavs forward Charlie Villanueva meandered between Russell Westbrook and teammate Cameron Payne’s artistic warmup, and caught a Westbrook shove in response.

"That’s for the guys who don’t play," Westbrook said. "Gotta do something."

Objectively, that’s true. Villanueva didn’t enter the game, nor did McGee.

It appears they "contributed" to Dallas’ cause by attempting to get underneath Westbrook’s skin. Maybe it even worked to some extent as Westbrook had on off shooting night, sinking only 8 of 22 shots.

Of course Durant fared even worse, tying Michael Jordan for missed shots in a playoff game with 26. So, credit the Mavericks defense in what was a physical contest.

After the game, McGee took one more shot at the Thunder (his second of the night, I suppose) with… Crying Jordan:

The Thunder will visit Dallas and the Goon Squad on Thursday night in Game 3.