Roy Hibbert talks to TMZ about his acting ambitions (VIDEO)

Roy Hibbert has looked sad on the basketball court. Perhaps he's better suited for acting.

David Richard/David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

It was a long season for the Indiana Pacers’ Roy Hibbert. With Paul George out for much of the year injured, Lance Stephenson gone with the Charlotte Hornets, George Hill largely inactive and David West struggling through hurt and a veteran decline, the Pacers’ starting center was looked to for guidance and stability.

Instead, Hibbert turned in one of the worst seasons of his career. Rumors have circulated suggesting Indiana’s front office wouldn’t mind trading the big man, if they can find a market for him. 

Maybe their suitor is in Hollywood. TMZ recently caught up with the Georgetown alum at the airport, and while he said he has to "take care of this basketball stuff first," he also went on about his desire to work with Comedy Central’s Daniel Tosh, and also to take some voice acting lessons during his offseason in L.A.

See Hibbert’s full interview below:

(h/t TMZ)