Roy Hibbert, Stone Cold plan to meet on court or in ring

Indiana Pacers center Roy Hibbert is 7-foot-2 and weighs 260 pounds. How sick would it be to see him suit up and take on WWE legend Stone Cold Steve Austin?

Well, thanks to these two chatting it up on Twitter, a possible 10-man Battle Royal in the ring is a possibility.

It all started when Roy Hibbert sent out a tweet Tuesday night that he was merely honored to meet the wrestling icon before the Pacers took on the Lakers last week.

Stone Cold being Stone Cold made it more interesting. He thinks he’s got game apparently.

Hibbert must have wrestling entertainment in his blood because he played right along and elevated the stakes.

Austin then realized he and his squad would probably have no chance on the hardwood, so he decided to go back to what he knows best: planning on opening up a fresh can of whoop-ass in the ring.

Hibbert is down. We’re down for this, too. Maybe there should be a steel-cage basketball match — and the first team to 21 gets a 10-second head start to try and climb out before complete mayhem begins. Sounds legendary.