Rockets guard Patrick Beverley wears ridiculous shoes

Patrick Beverley is rocking some pretty crazy shoes lately.
Troy Taormina/Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Houston Rockets guard Patrick Beverley may not have a contract with Adidas worth $200 million like his backcourt partner James Harden does, but he's still showing off some pretty interesting sneaker choices.  

Rockets beat writer Calvin Watkins snapped a pic of Beverley's shoes here:

Things you can't do when wearing a winged shoe: fly (surprisingly), ride escalators without getting stuck and swallowed whole (just like mom always warned us), and maybe most importantly, play basketball. 

And are you really allowed to get upset with someone if they step on the wing of your shoe and not your actual shoe? There are so many questions.

We're probably missing the most important one, though.

What are those?!?

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