Rockets and D-Mo finally reach agreement


The Houston Rockets and Donatas finally agree on a new contract

In this day and age of reality TV and made up drama it’s easy to see how the Houston Rockets and D-Mo could fit right in. The back and forth between the two has been exhausting and it finally seems to be over.

The Rockets initial offer sheet expired and the two parties agreed on a new deal worth $35 million for four years. As discussed before, the holdout was due to missing incentives and bonuses the Nets offer included, but the Rockets matching contract did not. This new deal mirrors the original Nets offer and seems to be more beneficial for the Rockets as well. D-mo will get a fully guaranteed $8.3 million this season, but the Rockets can now trade the seven footer after just three months and without his consent. In addition, the new deal allowed an annual renewal of his contract for the remaining three years, should Houston see fit.

The unorthodox negotiating tactics of D-Mo’s agent, B.J. Armstrong. seem to have paid off. Both sides are happy with the new deal and with little risk to either side. The question is at what cost though. The team is playing great ball right now and the addition of a new player, albeit a talented one, could throw off the chemistry of the team. Trez Harrell and Nene may see less minutes, but even our beloved “Inspectah Dekk” could see less run at the four should Coach D’Antoni try to run a bigger lineup. The growth these players have shown game to game has been exciting to watch. We hope they continue to develop.

For the time being, the Rockets will welcome Donatas back into the fold with open arms. Assuming, he reports for his physical this time. Only time will tell how fondly D-Mo is looked upon once all is said and done. Or, if he is just a footnote in Rockets history.

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