Report: Timberwolves offer Anthony Bennett to Celtics

Anthony Bennett's name continues to get dragged through the rumor mill, though it's hard not to say his subpar career deserves it. 

The number one pick in the 2013 NBA draft has already played for two teams in two seasons, and the Minnesota Timberwolves seem intent on moving him before he starts year three. The Boston Celtics are reportedly a potential taker to become the necessary third team.

This deal makes a tiny bit of sense for the Celtics. Taking on Bennett's $5.8 million salary for next season cuts into their cap space, but he's a buy-low candidate with serious talent who may just need *another* change of scenery to blossom.

The more valuable asset in this deal might actually be the 31st overall pick. It'd give Boston four second rounders to play with and eliminate the guaranteed salary that comes with No. 28. Don't be surprised if these two teams come to an agreement before tomorrow night.

Photo Credit: Jesse Johnson/USA TODAY Sports