Report: Pistons Have Discussed Sending Reggie Jackson To The Magic

The Detroit Pistons are rumored to be considering trading Reggie Jackson to the Orlando Magic in exchange for Jeff Green and D.J. Augustin.

The Detroit Pistons are the latest team to be involved in trade rumors. Earlier this week it was reported by ESPN’s Zach Lowe that the Pistons were exploring trade options for Andre Drummond and Reggie Jackson:

“Detroit has quietly explored the trade market for each of its franchise centerpieces, according to sources across the league, and come away disappointed with the potential return. (Van Gundy himself has said anyone is available for “the right price.”)”

But now it seems as though the Pistons have focused their trading options to only Reggie Jackson. It was reported by ESPN’s Marc Stein on Friday that the Pistons are considering a deal to send Jackson to the Orlando Magic.

A trade is the only reasonable solution to the rocky season that the Pistons have had, and most of their struggles can be attributed to their star players. Per, opponents have outscored the Pistons by seven points per 100 possessions with both Andre Drummond and Reggie Jackson on the court.

But Jackon’s presence on the floor has made the Pistons even worse. Stan Van Gundy has even said of Jackson, according to ESPN, “Reggie came back and we’ve struggled ever since.”

Jackson’s season started off rocky when he injured his knee.  He missed the first 21 games due to tendinitis in his left knee. His return was highly anticipated. But no one anticipated the damage he would cause the team.

The Pistons were supposed to improve when Jackson cam back. Instead, he has made them worse, on both ends of the floor. In fact, he is averaging a net rating of -11.6 this season. He has been equally as poor on offense an he has been on defense. When he returned in December, the Pistons only won three of their last six games. Since then, the Pistons have followed that dark road. And all signs point to their star point guard Reggie Jackson.

The facts are clear. The Pistons play at a more efficient pace on both ends of the floor when their backup point guard Ish Smith is controlling the floor. He has a player impact estimate of 10.1 and his statistical output has improved since last season. Reggie Jackson’s numbers have only dramatically decreased. With Jackson on the floor, the Pistons have been outscored by 11 points per 100 possessions. So, it is clear to see the choice of Smith over Jackson that Van Gundy was basically forced to make this season.

Reggie Jackson has been awful for the Pistons this season. He was once All-Star potential, but now has become a detriment to his own team and he is not showing any signs of improvement. He is not scoring the same and he certainly does not have a desire to guard anyone.

The answer to this problem is obvious—a trade needs to be made. Something needs to happen in order for the Pistons to resurge as a dominant force in the Eastern Conference. It is time for the Pistons to get rid of deadweight in order to succeed. Reggie Jackson has been that deadweight, at least for this season.

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