Report: Lakers only interested in signing Rondo for low price

The Lakers have interest in Rajon Rondo, but reportedly only at the right price.
Danny Bollinger/National Basketball Association

By Larry Brown

There has been ongoing speculation that the Los Angeles Lakers would be interested in Rajon Rondo when he becomes a free agent, but the extent of their interest may be limited.

Longtime Lakers reporter Kevin Ding of Bleacher Report says that the Lakers would only be interested in signing Rondo for a certain low price.

But what should be made clear, according to team sources, is that [Lakers exec Jim] Buss is not the believer he was earlier in the season when it comes to Rondo, and [Lakers GM Mitch] Kupchak is toting enough healthy skepticism that he sees Rondo as value only at a certain low price.

Ding adds that all the talk about the Lakers’ interest in Rondo has come from the point guard’s side, not the team’s. He also says that despite having plenty of cap space next year, the Lakers are not sure how much of a foundation piece Rondo is. The team reportedly is thinking twice about what kind of investment they might make in him.

Rondo was traded by the Celtics to the Mavericks this season and though Dallas earned the No. 7 spot in the Western Conference, Rondo clashed with head coach Rick Carlisle before ultimately being sent home for the rest of the season. This poor track record coupled with Danny Ainge’s comments should give anyone pause when considering signing him.

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