Report: Danny Green’s contract is lower than original reports indicated

When reports first trickled out that Danny Green had agreed to a four-year, $45 million deal with the San Antonio Spurs, it was widely viewed as a complete and total steal for Gregg Popovich's crew. 

Green could've made at least $15 million more from another suitor. At least! But he stayed put in a system he's comfortable with, amongst teammates he views as family. 

It turns out Green's deal is even lower than those original reports:

This contract is arguably the most valuable in the entire league. Green is one of the best perimeter defenders in basketball (he's strong and fast enough to guard three different positions) and also one of the league's most accurate three-point shooters. 

San Antonio is known for paying its talent below market value, and this is the latest case. How do they do it?

Photo Credit: Soobum Im/USA TODAY Sports