Report: Bulls could could keep Thibodeau from current openings

Is it possible that the Bulls are holding onto Tom Thibodeau to make sure he is unable to land one of the NBA head coaching vacancies?
Gregory Shamus/NBAE via Getty Images

The relationship between Tom Thibodeau and the Chicago Bulls front office is not functional, which is why Thibodeau has one foot out the door after leading the team to the postseason each year since he was hired in 2010. Despite that, one would hope the Bulls would part ways with Thibodeau in a professional manner.

That might not happen.

According to ESPN’s Marc Stein, there is a belief around the NBA that the Bulls could wait for other coaching vacancies to fill before firing or trading Thibodeau.

The Bulls have been in a holding pattern with Thibodeau in recent days, mostly because they are trying to get compensation from any team that is interested in him. The problem is everyone knows Chicago has no intention of keeping Thibs, so teams would rather wait for him to be fired than give up assets.


If the Bulls try to deny Thibodeau of these job opportunities, they’d also be taking themselves out of the running for any candidates that the New Orleans Pelicans, Orlando Magic and Denver Nuggets are considering. The Magic are one team that reportedly has interest in Thibodeau, though they do not want to give up a draft pick to hire him.

Unless the Bulls are set on someone like Fred Hoiberg, it makes little sense for them to wait. Even if they do, Thibodeau still might be able to land a job with a certain team that could give its coach the boot. We’d like to think they aren’t that petty.

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