Celebrate Ray Allen’s retirement with the greatest shot of his career

It is one of the greatest shots in NBA history: Ray Allen, backpedaling to the corner, receives a pass from Chris Bosh off of an offensive rebound. The final seconds of Game 6 of the 2013 NBA Finals are ticking away; if Allen misses, the San Antonio Spurs, who lead by three, will defeat the Miami Heat for the Larry O'Brien trophy.

That trophy, by the way, sits courtside, brought from the depths of the arena in anticipation of a coronation. Allen, however, has other plans. He makes the catch and, without even looking to see if his feet are behind the line, launches a 3-pointer destined for greatness.

Splash. Tie game.

The Heat famously went on to defeat the Spurs in overtime and claim Game 7, giving LeBron James his second NBA title. And today, the day that Ray Allen officially retired from the league, seems like a perfect time to re-live that epic moment — from as many different angles as possible:

The best way to celebrate Allen's retirement, though, is watching that shot in epic slow-motion, courtesy of the NBA's phantom cam:

Congratulations on an outstanding career, Ray Allen. We can't wait to relive this shot again when you make the Hall of Fame.