Drake barred from Heat locker room

There’s a sense of entitlement that comes with being a

celebrity, and that’s not lost on multi-platinum rapper

Drake, arguably one of the most famous musicians in the world.

So after the Miami Heat


target="_blank">won their second consecutive NBA championship

Thursday night with a Game 7 victory over the San Antonio Spurs,

the thought that Drake

wouldn’t be allowed to just mosey into the post-game

locker room celebration never really crossed his mind.

Fortunately, there was a steadfast security guard standing in

front of the Heat locker room doors to inform Drake of his rights

— one of which was not to go into the locker room without a


The guard blocked the star recording artist from entering,

restoring our faith in humanity while allowing media members in to

witness the madness.

Drake didn’t

target="_blank">go all Reese Witherspoon on the guard and ask

if he knew who he was, but you know he wanted to.

In any case, though, Drake still won the night — as you

probably could have assumed he would. Hours after he was barred

from the locker room, Drake was on stage with LeBron and Dwyane

Wade, celebrating the win at Story nightclub on South Beach.