Rajon Rondo scores first basket of season with signature behind-the-back fake

Boston Celtics point guard Rajon Rondo made his season debut on Friday night against the Los Angeles Lakers, and it didn’€™t take him long to use his trademark behind-the-back fake driving to the basket.

The new team captain used the move to get around Lakers forward Pau Gasol for his first points of the year. He also scored on the Celtics’ next possession off a steal by Jared Sullinger. Rondo took the ball around halfcourt and dribbled all the way to the hoop, while showing some impressive quickness coming off a lengthy recovery from ACL surgery.

Check out Rondo’€™s first two baskets of the season in the video below.

However, he finished with just eight points, four assists and two rebounds in 20 minutes, and missed a potential tying 3 at the end as the Lakers rallied for a 107-104 win.

"We missed some shots in the fourth quarter, but we’ve got to do it defensively," said Rondo, who was announced as the team captain before the game.

"I found out when you found out," he said. "It really didn’t hit me at first. After I came back to the huddle, a couple of guys told me congrats on being named captain. It’s definitely an honor."

The Associated Press contributed to this report.