Quin Snyder Wins 100th Game As Utah Jazz Head Coach

In Monday’s victory over the Brooklyn Nets, Utah Jazz head coach Quin Snyder reached an impressive milestone by logging his one hundredth win with the team.

Aside from a solid spurt to close out the fourth quarter, last night’s win for the Utah Jazz over the Brooklyn Nets wasn’t exactly a pretty one, but they came away with the victory nonetheless.

And while it was Utah’s fourth win in a row and a great way to start off a five-game road trip, these aren’t the main reasons why the win was significant. This victory meant a little extra because it was Quin Snyder’s 100th win as an NBA head coach.

In three seasons with the Utah Jazz, Snyder now holds a 100-99 record. Talk about cutting it close if he was hoping to get to 100 wins before reaching 100 losses, but more than anything it’s great to see Snyder now sitting above .500 for his career.

Of course his first season at the helm for the Jazz saw him come in to take over a team that had finished dead last in the Western Conference the year prior with a dismal record of 25-57. In Snyder’s first season, 2014-15, he helped the Jazz finish the year extremely well as they ended up with a record of 38-44 and actually brought some life and excitement back to Salt Lake City.

The following season, 2015-16, was of course the heartbreaker where Snyder and Co. came so close to reaching the playoffs but fell just one game short, finishing with a record of 40-42.

This season, however, Snyder has the team nine games above .500 at 22-13 and looking like they’re only going to move up from there. While his win percentage of .502 doesn’t exactly jump off the page, it also doesn’t really do him justice. In three seasons, he’s taken a 25-win team all the way up to a team that is currently on pace to finish with over 51 wins.

That means in just three short years, he will have likely helped the Jazz to more than double their win output.

So congratulations are certainly in order for Quin who has been an incredible coach for this Jazz team and is well on his way to getting them back in the playoffs. Of course there’s still a lot of work to be done and while the 100 wins is an impressive milestone, Rudy Gobert obviously isn’t satisfied yet as you can see in the tweet below:

If all goes well, who knows, perhaps we’ll see Quin Snyder log his 1000th win with the Utah Jazz as well. As long as they continue to play the kind of hard, determined and playoff-level ball that they’ve exhibited so far, I know that I for one would be totally alright with that.

So congrats, Coach Snyder, and here’s to many, many more Jazz wins in the weeks, months and years ahead!

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