Can Trail Blazers be one of the NBA’s fastest teams next season?

The Portland Trail Blazers aren't talented enough to compete for the playoffs in the super-loaded Western Conference, but that doesn't mean they can't adopt a playing style that gives them a puncher's chance.

Portland is young. Portland is fast. Put those two characteristics together and what you get may be one of the most exciting teams in the league. Here's what Terry Stotts recently told The Oregonian's Mike Richman about how he wants to play next season:

"'I think offensively, obviously, we're going to change some things up." [Terry Stotts] said. 'Damian (Lillard) and C.J. (McCollum) are going to have their opportunities, but everybody else, it's going to be a work in progress just to see what works well with the different combinations and the different skill sets.' The team will try to play more uptempo in 2015-16 and Stotts will have a chance to see what works in his flow offense and then tailor sets and actions to fit the new parts. His hope is that offense will evolve as the young players on the roster expand their game."

This summer, the Trail Blazers lost the continuity that made their starting unit so special and deadly, making efficient half-court sets a thing of the past. It's great that Stotts knows this well before the team even gets to training camp. 

(h/t: The Oregonian)