Here’s an inside look at one of Portland’s favorite plays

How is Portland's offense so good?
Steve Dykes/Steve Dykes-USA TODAY Sports

The Portland Trail Blazers have an incredibly young team, but that doesn't mean their offense is simple. Head coach Terry Stotts has instead drawn up some seriously complicated sets to throw opposing defenses off balance, and prevent them from loading up to stop Damian Lillard. 

Here's a look at one called “54 Weave,” courtesy of The Oregonian:

Plays like this are why Stotts is one of the better head coaches in the league, and why Portland has the NBA's seventh best offense despite having just one All-Star supported by a roster of inexperienced role players. 

The set is full of player and ball movement. It's a creative way to get all five defenders engaged off the ball and then attack with a fairly simple, but high speed, pick and roll in the middle of the floor. However it doesn't always work perfectly. The Blazers ran this play on their first possession of the season, but the New Orleans defense shut down the drive off the high screen.

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