Player Grades: Charlotte Hornets Shine Against the struggling 76ers

After the Charlotte Hornets comeback victory over the Philadelphia 76ers, plenty of players performed well but some could’ve done more.

The Charlotte Hornets had a good game in their 109-93 win over the Philadelphia 76ers. Several players performed well. Some players played very well. In particular, the dynamic back court of Kemba Walker and Nicolas Batum got it done once again. They showcased why they are one of the top back courts in the NBA. I love how they run this team. However, basketball is a team sport, and this win was a team effort. In this article I want to take some time to grade each player that had significant minutes.

They showcased why they are one of the top backcourts in the NBA. I love how they run this team. However, basketball is a team sport, and this win was a team effort. In this article, I want to take some time to grade each player that had significant minutes.

Kemba Walker

PG, Charlotte Hornets


Kemba just did what he always does. He led the team on the floor, provided need scoring and play-making, and most importantly kept the team in the game during the first half. The Hornets really struggled to score to begin the game. But K.Quick did his thing, and led the team in scoring….again, and shared the team lead in assists….again. He finished with 22 points and seven assists.

Nicolas Batum

SG, Charlotte Hornets


Nic the Not Quick started off slowly but heated up quickly. In the first half, he was held to only three points. I don’t know what Coach Clifford said to Nic in the locker room, but it worked. Batum came out on fire. He torched Philly for 17 points including three three-pointers in the third quarter. Nicolas went on to finish the game with 20 points, seven rebounds, four assists. Not too shabby Mr. Batum. Not too shabby at all.

Michael Kidd-Gilchrist

SF, Charlotte Hornets


MKG had a very good game. Like Kemba, you know what to expect from Micheal. He is going to attack the rim, play tough defense, and quietly have a double-figure rebounding night. That is exactly what he did. MKG delivered to his fans six points, 13 rebounds, three steals, and a block.

Marvin Williams

PF, Charlotte Hornets


Marvin didn’t do anything fancy. He just anchored the defense. As usual, I could hear him screaming instructions to teammates over the noise of the crowd. He gave his customary 11 points and threw in eight rebounds for good measure.

Cody Zeller

C, Charlotte Hornets


Cody Zeller looked good tonight. He was quick to the basket and quick on defense. He is going to be a very good center one day. Like Marvin, his numbers are not overwhelming, but they were timely and impressive. Mr. Zeller threw in thirteen points and a block for his team tonight.

Ramon Sessions

Back-up PG, Charlotte Hornets


The Myrtle Beach native provided some great play making tonight. Along with Kemba he led the team with seven assists. Unfortunately, his shooting was not great. He finished the night with only four points on 33% shooting.

Spencer Hawes

Back-up C, Charlotte Hornets


Ole man reliable was just that. He came in for 14 minutes to back-up Cody and provided eight points two assists and a block. Not to Shabby Spencer.

Marco Belinelli

Back-up SG, Charlotte Hornets


There is a rumor that the Hornets consulted Nic Batum before trading for Marco. It is said that his reply was, ” if you can get him do it!” If the report is true then he let us all know why! The man can shoot! Tonight he dropped 11 points in 21 minutes and hit half of his six, three-point field goal attempts. Then for good measure, he grabbed three rebounds and dropped two assists.

Frank Kaminsky

Back-up PF, Charlotte Hornets


Last but certainly not least, the tank continued to show off his fire power tonight. In 24 minutes off the bench, Frank dropped 14 points with two three-pointers. He also provided five rebounds, an assist, and a steal. The confidence is obviously growing.

I am seeing less of the awkward passes he made last year when he should have taken the shot. The young man is showing steady improvement. He just may be the breakout player many have predicted him to be.

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