Pistons owner noncommittal on Dumars, Frank

The Detroit Pistons are wrapping up a fourth straight season

without a playoff berth, and the future of team president Joe

Dumars and coach Lawrence Frank is looking increasingly


Owner Tom Gores said as much Monday night at the team’s home


”I’d say I expected better results. I met with Joe and Lawrence

(on Sunday) and let them know that,” Gores said. ”They are great

guys that know their business, but I’m here assessing everything.

My job is to move this franchise forward.”

Gores spoke briefly with reporters before Detroit’s game against

Philadelphia. When asked if Dumars and Frank are safe in their

jobs, Gores didn’t tip his hand.

”We’re assessing that right now,” he said. ”I think both of

them, including ownership, has to be accountable for the


Gores bought the team before the lockout-shortened 2011-12


The Pistons are now facing a crucial offseason. They’ll have

another high draft pick after landing Greg Monroe, Brandon Knight

and Andre Drummond in the lottery the last three years. They also

have space under the salary cap after trading veterans Ben Gordon

and Tayshaun Prince in the last year.

”We have a great core of young players, but we have to be

accountable,” Gores said. ”I expected to be in the playoffs, so

I’m disappointed by that.”

Next year will mark a full decade since the Pistons won the NBA

title in 2004. The franchise has fallen on hard times since then,

with plunging attendance and little relevance in the playoff


Detroit lost its first eight games this season, and although the

Pistons appeared to be playing better by early January, they lost

Drummond to a back injury and went 1-13 in March.

Asked if Dumars would make the ultimate decision on Frank’s

future, Gores said ownership would have some say in that.

”It’ll be a discussion. I have to be involved because I’m

taking care of this franchise,” Gores said. ”I can tell you

Lawrence is a tremendous guy. I’ve gotten to know him over the last

couple years, but I have to really think about this franchise and

what the best thing is for the future.”