Pistons bringing in Arkansas’ Bobby Portis for a draft workout

Portis would give Stan Van Gundy a run for his money in the "hilarious faces" department.

Danny Johnston/AP

What if Greg Monroe leaves the Detroit Pistons?

This seems to be a possibility the team is weighing these days, and it's one that's started to invade their plans for this June's NBA Draft. Their most recent scouting activity sees them taking a look at Arkansas power forward Bobby Portis, who could be potentially fill in as Monroe's replacement next to Andre Drummond down the line.

Portis is scheduled to work out with Detroit this Saturday, per Vince Ellis of the Detroit Free Press. He hasn't been a lottery pick on the boards of most draft analysts, so it's more likely that he'd land with the Pistons if he drops into the second round (where the Pistons have the No. 38 selection) or if the team trades around for another first-round pick. 

It would come as a surprise if Portis was a target for their coveted No. 8 pick. Players' draft stocks have certainly been known to fluctuate wildly at this time of year, though, so stay tuned for any surprises in this developing story.

(h/t Vince Ellis, Detroit Free Press)