Piston Powered joins the Waiver Wire podcast to talk Pistons

This weekend Duncan Smith joined The Waiver Wire podcast to talk about the struggles of the Detroit Pistons and to discuss the NBA at large.

This weekend I had the pleasure of joining Tim and James D’Elia on their podcast, The Waiver Wire. It’s a podcast that focuses largely on fantasy basketball, but they discuss the NBA at large as well. On this occasion, the Detroit Pistons were on their agenda.

We talked for about 20 minutes about my opinions on what ails the Pistons so far this year and discussed a number of topics of concern. Chief among these topics were my issues with how Andre Drummond is utilized on offense and the kind of role he should play on a good contending team. We also talked about the strange juxtaposition of Reggie Jackson versus Ish Smith, Aron Baynes’ value, and just what the hell is up with both the offense and defense.

The topic of what is wrong with the Pistons isn’t a pleasant one, but it’s relevant as the team tries to make a playoff push.

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In addition to the Piston talk, we spent some time talking about the Houston Rockets, so if you’re as enthralled in the Daryl Morey-Mike D’Antoni-James Harden triumvirate as I am, you may want to stick around for the second half of the podcast.

You can follow James at @jamesdeliaaa, Tim at @tdelia96 and The Waiver Wire at @thewaiverwire1.

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