WATCH: Suns’ Weems literally rips rim off basket with dunk

Even though training camp doesn’t officially start until next week, most of the members of the Phoenix Suns have been at the team’s practice facility for the past couple of weeks for voluntary workouts. The guys have been doing some lifting, working on their cardio, and playing in scrimmages against each other.

Oh, and guard Sonny Weems is apparently on the hunt for rims. And when he finds one, as he did in this video shot from the Suns’ practice gym, the rim better look out — because Weems has grown-man strength. It’s the kind of strength that results in a rim being torn completely clean from the basket after a dunk by Weems:

The footage is grainy, which is appropriate. Such mythological moments — think of the famous Bigfoot footage — are rarely captured with crystal clarity.

So that’s "game," right? If you tear off the rim, your team automatically wins. That’s just the rules of scrimmage games.

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(h/t @Suns)