Philadelphia 76ers Rookie Joel Embiid Misses Allen Iverson Scoring Record

Philadelphia 76ers Rookie center Joel Embiid Misses Allen Iverson‘s 20 point consecutive scoring record By Two Points

Philadelphia 76ers rookie standout Joel Embiid needed to listen to Ringo Starr at halftime. “It don’t come easy, you know it don’t come easy”. It didn’t come easy for the Philadelphia 76ers tonight against the Portland Trailblazers.

The Philadelphia 76ers had three points in the first quarter. But by in the second quarter the 76ers did get some more points from Embiid. He added six more points to close out the first half at nine points.

The Philadelphia 76ers were not playing well. They entered the lockerroom down by 12 points. The culprit was 11 turnovers and the 76ers bench shooting just 3-18.

Second half OH SO CLOSE

In the second half, the Philadelphia 76ers adjusted their defense to pull the bigs into the paint, and challenged the Trailblazer at the perimeter with the guards. That seemed to confuse the Trailblazers enough to let the 76ers offense kick in.   The 76ers began to drop three pointers, led by Ersan Ilyasova.  Joel Embiid also scored his 13th point before going down to an ugly play holding his knee.

Joel Embiid returned to the game at two minutes left in the third quarter. As the period ended, the Trailblazers were able to retake the lead 71-70. But Embiid continued to work. In the fourth quarter, as the Portland Trailblazers began to pull away, Embiid scored his 18th point at 8:50 left in the game. However the Blazers lead rose to 79-72.  But the 76ers thought that Joel Embiid, despite assurances that he was “just fine”, decided to sit the young man.

Down to the final three minutes, the Portland Trailblazers have jumped out to an 88-83 lead.  They rode the lead into the end of the game.  The final score?  Robert Covington drained a 3 point shot with 4 seconds left to take the lead 93-92.  Plumlee missed a layup as the buzzer sounded.

Sixers win.

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