Camden County unsuccessfully tries to overturn Okafor’s plea deal

Okafor can't stay out of trouble.
Matt Slocum/Associated Press

Philadelphia 76ers forward Jahlil Okafor is having a turbulent rookie season. On the court, things are fine enough — outside of Philly having the worst record in the league. 

He’s averaging a respectable 17.1 points and 7.4 rebounds per game, nearly making half his shots with solid touch around the basket. 

But off the court, life isn’t so smooth for the highly-touted 20-year-old. In early December, the Sixers suspended Okafor for two games after he was filmed punching a man outside a Boston bar. There were other run-ins with the law, and one of them appears to finally be wrapping itself up in the Camden County court system (via

A Camden County judge ruled Thursday that an initial plea deal offered to Philadelphia 76ers player Jahlil Okafor is valid, meaning Okafor will pay a $439 fine for speeding on the Benjamin Franklin Bridge, but not be required to do community service, Okafor's attorney said. Lawyer Andrew Smith said that Okafor already previously paid the fee for the charges, but that the check was not accepted because Camden city's law office decided it wanted to vacate the plea agreement. Smith said he believed this was so community service could be added to Okafor's punishment. “If it was anyone else who had that same ticket, they wouldn't have demanded anything or tried to overturn that plea agreement,” Smith said.

Driving a car 108 miles per hour is rarely a wise decision, but Okafor presumably learned his lesson. And despite having his name appear in trade rumors leading up to Thursday’s deadline, he can now resume his role as one of Philadelphia’s franchise players.

Unless, of course, Sam Hinkie hears an offer he can’t refuse.