‘Peter Schrager Podcast’: Donny Marshall talks Kidd, Ollie and more

In the wake of the Jason Kidd-Brooklyn Nets divorce, FOX Sports Live NBA analyst Donny Marshall was the guest on "The Peter Schrager Podcast" on Monday to dig through the rubble. A member of the Nets broadcast team on YES, Marshall pulls back the curtain on the situation. "In Brooklyn, Jason said, ‘I’m not so sure what kind of control I’m going to have here (with the Nets). I’m not sure which way ownership is going,’ and long term, it probably made more sense for him in Milwaukee," Marshall says.

Schrager and Marshall discuss the bond between Kidd and Bucks minority owner Marc Lasry. Lasry, a $1.7 billion hedge-fund manager, used to handle Kidd’s personal finances for him. "Milwaukee is a better town than it gets credit for. They love their team there. But when you have a friend who you trust–and that is the main word in all of athletics, ‘trust’ — what better way to trust someone than with your money, Peter? There’s no doubt that their relationship in the past had a huge effect on getting Jason to Milwaukee."

Marshall also opens up on his friend of more than 20 years, UConn men’s basketball head coach Kevin Ollie. He reveals that in the days after UConn’s championship, there were emergency meetings by key alumni and board members to do whatever was necessary to keep Ollie at UConn and away from the NBA. Marshall says the Cleveland Cavaliers came calling, even though then-head coach Mike Brown was still employed at the time.

Schrager and Marshall go down memory lane and discuss Marshall’s first team, the 1995-1996 Cleveland Cavaliers. Dan Majerle, Danny Ferry and Bobby Phills stories are shared. So are Harold Miner ones. Marshall says of "Baby Jordan": "He would stare right at you for literally 15 minutes, and you don’t know if he hears you. You don’t know where his head is." Marshall adds that Minor had a theory as to why Michael Jordan was so good. Minor believed that Jordan "actually sold his soul to the devil for greatness."

OK then.

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