Paul Pierce wants his son to be a baller — a baseballer

Paul Pierce’s infant son has a long way to go before he chooses a career, but the NBA star doesn’t want his 1-year-old, Prince, to follow his footsteps. Instead, he has another sport in mind.

"I want him to be a baseball player," Pierce told David Aldridge of "They’ve got a better union."

The Washington Wizards forward believes a stronger union translates into better contracts, so Pierce clearly is looking out for the financial well-being of his son. The NBA has stringent salary-cap rules that prevent stars from earning more than a specific maximum. In baseball, there is no salary cap, which means players get the bigger bucks.

With new NBA television deals coming into effect soon, things could change for basketball players over the next two decades. At least, if LeBron has anything to say about it.