Report: Pierce selling pad for $2.6M

Boston fans are getting used to the idea that Paul Pierce really is living and playing in Brooklyn this season.

He’s hyping the Nets and filming ads in New York City — trying to make Brooklyn a title contender while Boston is hoping the Celtics can rebuild quickly. But that doesn’t mean Pierce has to cut all ties to the Bay State, does it?

While Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett had good reason to get rid of their local homes after they moved on (they had come to the area mid-career, after all, and spent most of their adult lives elsewhere), Pierce was a career Celtic before this summer.

He has said he wants to retire in Celtics green, and he has roots in the community. So isn’t he selling his home a little quick? But alas, it appears The Truth’s house is up for grabs.

To be fair, it is a lovely traditional home in Lincoln, Mass., with five bedrooms and bathrooms, a gourmet kitchen, custom cabinet work and a private backyard, according to The Boston Globe, whose sleuth work connected the 79 Winter St. mansion to Pierce.

It’s 7,631 square feet overall and has hardwood throughout, with 16 total rooms in the single-family home. The reported asking price is $2.6 million. Take a look at where No. 34 called home during his long Celtics career.

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