Paul George puts on a dunk show vs. Lob City

There’s no denying that Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan dominate the highlight reels with their monster slams over and over. The type of dunks that will make you look at the victim, cringe and say "Yikes, junior … I hate it had to be you."

But Saturday when the Indiana Pacers took on the Los Angeles Clippers, Paul George seemed tired of having power forwards shine all the time and have all the fun. He showed that guards can get in the air and leave fans’ jaws dropped as well as anybody.

But whose dunks are better? How about you be the judge?

Contestant No. 1: Paul George

That was just nasty. George has some serious hops, and that 360 was completely insane. We don’t see enough of those dunks that require skill; we mostly just see straightforward slams.

Contestant No. 2: DeAndre Jordan

Umm … rest in peace to Brandon Knight’s dignity?

Contestant No. 3: Blake Griffin

That was so bad a double take was needed. It didn’t even look like it was a dunk. Kendrick Perkins’ face always looks angry, though, so you never know how embarrassed he felt.

Who’s your winner?

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