Paul George fined $15,000 for kicking ball into stands, hitting fan in face

Pacers forward Paul George has been fined $15,000 for Saturday’s incident in which he carelessly kicked a basketball into the stands out of frustration.

The wayward ball struck a spectator after George became upset during the third quarter of the game against the Bulls in Indianapolis.

George apologized to the fan afterward and gave her a hug in the stands. He also apparently obtained her address, and mailed her flowers to re-emphasize his apology.

“Lindsey, I’m sorry for the ball hitting you at the game on Saturday! It was not intentional. I hope you are feeling okay,” the note read.

George verbally expressed his frustration with the Pacers after Monday night’s 22-point loss to the Hornets. The Pacers are 3–4 to start the year.

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