Orlando Magic Daily Podcast Episode 64: The trade deadline is coming!

The Orlando Magic face one of the biggest decisions and trade deadlines in their history in two weeks. We break down what may happen on today’s podcast.

The NBA’s trade deadline usually comes into sharper focus this time of year. It is February and the Orlando Magic have just five games — yes, only five games! — before the trade deadline.

That is precious little time for the team to turn things around and change some minds before the deadline. The Magic, as much as any team, are holding onto dwindling Playoff hopes while still focusing on their future. What transpires in the next two weeks will shape the next several years.

It does seem like there is an inevitability to the Serge Ibaka situation. The Magic are not likely to let the soon-to-be unrestricted free agent walk away from them without recouping some value. And with those Playoff prospects dwindling, not to mention the team’s future prospects in a state of flux, moving Ibaka on to set up the future seems imperative.

It is not like the Magic are going to miss much at 20-33 and with few prospects of making that big run considering what they have done this season.

The trade rumors are just heating up. The Carmelo Anthony rumors will pick up. There are seemingly advanced talks on Jahlil Okafor. And a lot more is going to happen in the next two weeks. The trades that will happen by Feb. 23 likely have not gotten past initial discussions yet. That is just how these things go.

The Magic are going to be active. Orlando is going to be shopping Ibaka around. He is likely to get dealt.

But Nikola Vucevic could very well be on the move. As could a number of players as the Magic answer some big questions about themselves and their future.

Much of the intrigue around the trade deadline for the Magic is focused on this question. It is about the direction the franchise wants to go.

There is a lot to take in even two weeks before the trade deadline. So, before everything gets crazy with the trade deadline, it seemed like it was time to break everything down a little simply and preview what is to come.

For this episode of the Orlando Magic Daily Podcast, Keith Smith of RealGM and 16 Wins A Ring joins the podcast to discuss the trade deadline, the Serge Ibaka market and where the Orlando Magic go from here.

On This Episode

  • What does the NBA Trade Deadline market look like with so many teams still fighting to make the Playoffs?
  • Where are team’s at in their negotiating process three weeks ahead of the trade deadline?
  • What other factors go into deciding to make a trade?
  • How much homework goes into player personnel and preparing to make a trade?
  • The Serge Ibaka situation
  • What teams are sniffing around for Serge Ibaka?
  • How do the Orlando Magic get in conversations for the premiere assets this deadline?
  • What should the Orlando Magic’s trade strategy be as they look to the future?
  • What needs do the Orlando Magic have to find to complement their roster?
  • What can the Orlando Magic get for Mario Hezonja?
  • Can the Orlando Magic move Bismack Biyombo or Evan Fournier?
  • The pressure on the Orlando Magic to make the Playoffs, both on the court and in the board room
  • Looking ahead to extension season for Aaron Gordon and Elfrid Payton

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