Orlando Magic Daily Podcast Episode 62: Midseason Review

The Orlando Magic passed the midpoint of the season and are struggling to live up to their expectations. We chat about the Magic and what happens next.

The NBA’s midpoint has passed and the season is about to get very, very real.

If it was not real already. The Orlando Magic have had big goals for much of this season. They made their intentions pretty clear with their moves and then again with their statements before the season. The Magic want to make the Playoffs.

Entering Monday’s games, the Magic are 17-25 and four games out of the Playoffs. That is not impossible to make the Playoffs (and it is tied for eighth in the Western Conference if that has any meaning), but the road is long to get there. Orlando will have to go on a major tear.

Inconsistency was the mark of the first half to the season. There was a ton of optimism and hope for the upcoming season. The Magic put together a team that could dominate defensively and deliver Playoff hopes.

That has not quite happened. And the team’s inconsistency has been double on the defensive end. The team is in the bottom 10 in defensive rating since Dec. 1. The Magic just have not been able to hold onto an identity for very long.

A .500 December was about what the team expected. Unfortunately, Orlando started in something of a hole. And the team is still trying to dig itself out.

What will happen in the second half of the season will be interesting, to say the least. Orlando will have to rediscover its defensive identity and string together wins to get there. That is simply something Orlando has not done so far this year.

In fact, it is hard to say what the Magic will on a game-to-game basis.

With the first half of the season completed, we reached out to Orlando Pinstriped Post’s Zach Oliver to discuss where the Magic have been, how the team can turn things around and what happens next for the Orlando Magic.

On This Episode

  • Discussing the current road trip, lineup changes and the rotation problems for the Orlando Magic
  • Who is going to become consistent for the Orlando Magic?
  • Aaron Gordon‘s progression and his question about position
  • The Bismack Biyombo signing and where is his defense?
  • What have the Magic gotten from Serge Ibaka so far this year?
  • Is the Aaron Gordon at the 3 experiment working? Should it continue?
  • The value of Aaron Gordon’s defense
  • The Magic’s schedule and what it could like in future years with Ringling Bros. shutting down
  • What comes next for the Orlando Magic?
  • What is Mario Hezonja‘s value?
  • What do the Magic search for if they shop around Serge Ibaka?
  • What do you want to see from the Orlando Magic in the final 40 games?
  • Is Frank Vogel the right coach for this Orlando Magic team?

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