Orlando Magic Daily Podcast Episode 58: The greatest players in Orlando Magic history

The Orlando Magic have had a strong history of players. As we count the days to the season, I discussed the top 25 lists with MBO’s Adam Papageorgiou.

The long wait for the beginning of the season is nearly over. There are just a few last things to get to and finalize before the season begins. Or a few distractions to keep us occupied until training camp begins.

Orlando Magic Daily followed OrlandoMagic.com’s lead in creating a list of the top 25 players in team history. The lists came out surprisingly similar. The project was a fun one for our staff as we came up with a pretty solid list in the end.

It has to pass the sniff test of our Orlando Magic historians. And there are likely no two people who could discuss Magic history in the same way I can with Adam Papageorgiou of Magic Basketball Online.

To wrap up our look at the top 25 players in Orlando Magic history, Adam and I talked about the lists we came up with here at Orlando Magic Daily and the list from OrlandoMagic.com. Which players are slipping through the cracks? Which players are overrated and underrated? And what is next in Magic history?

We talk about a lot of topics as we parse through this list and the stories we tell about the Orlando Magic in the latest episode of the Orlando Magic Daily Podcast:

On This Episode

  • We break down the lists — who are the 25 best players in Orlando Magic history? Who is overrated and underrated in our list?
  • Why Horace Grant is important to the Orlando Magic
  • Should we consider Dwight Howard the best player in Magic history?
  • Who is in the tier beneath the clear-cut top four?
  • How the Orlando Magic revolutionized the NBA. . . twice
  • How do the second generation of Magic fans remember some of the lesser known teams?
  • What is Darrell Armstrong’s place in Orlando Magic history?
  • Who from the inaugural team should make the list? Should Otis Smith be considered a top-25 player?
  • How should Magic fans feel for Shaquille O’Neal’s Hall of Fame induction?
  • What is Shaquille O’Neal’s legacy in Orlando?

Be sure to follow Adam Papageorgiou on Twitter @PapageorgiouMBO and be sure to listen to his podcast, the Penny & Pops Show. In their last episode, they drafted the Orlando Magic playoff victories.

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