OPINION: Let’s Not Trade Kevin Love

NBA: Dallas Mavericks at Cleveland Cavaliers

With the recent Carmelo Anthony trade rumors, the Cleveland Cavaliers should not even contemplate trading Kevin Love for anyone.

The Cleveland Cavaliers big 3 are all in different areas of their career. LeBron James is just exiting his prime, Kyrie Irving is just entering his prime, and Kevin Love is in his later-prime. With that said, Kevin Love, unlike Carmelo Anthony or other superstars, still has 5-6 quality seasons left.

The Cavaliers have quietly made several alluring moves this season. The acquisition of Kyle Korver was certainly a brilliant move, and as the trade deadline approaches, it is almost certain that David Griffin will be searching out ways to improve this team.

Trading Kevin Love should be at the bottom of his list of how to improve the Cavs.

Love is averaging 21.2 points per game and 11.0 rebounds per game. He is one of just thirteen players to average a double-double, and he is the only Cavalier to do so. His incredible numbers do not stop there. While Love is on the court, the Cavs score 11.1 more points per 100 possessions. He is truly a game-changer for the Cavaliers.

Love has also been able to adapt this season. His first two seasons in Cleveland he played 48% and 60% of his time at the center position. This season he is only at 10%. While this may not pop out to the average fan, it is a good indicator of how Love has learned to play with Tristan Thompson, and his ability to adapt to his teammates.

This Cavaliers squad is one of the best in the NBA, and it seems ridiculous to mingle with such a good combination. It will still be key to keep an eye on this team as the trade deadline approaches.

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