Oklahoma City Thunder Weekly Roundup, Edition Three

It may be hard to believe, but we are already a few games into the 2017 Oklahoma City Thunder schedule! With that , it’s time for Heather’s weekly roundup.

As the season continues, I’ll be here to round up articles, stats, and happenings about your favorite team (Oklahoma City Thunder) that you may have missed. Check back every Friday for my weekly recap!

NBA All-Star Lineup Features Huge Error:

Voting for the NBA All-Star 2017 games has ended. And on Thursday, the lineup for each conference was announced. Unfortunately, it seems there has been a huge error that resulted in the omission of Russell Westbrook from the list of starters.

Yes, you heard that correctly: the man who is currently averaging a triple-double will not be representing the league as an All-Star starter. The man who won MVP in the All-Star games. Twice. The man who is leading the league in scoring. That man.

Honestly, I can’t say it any better than  Enes Kanter:

Things Are About to Go Down:

As if being snubbed from the starting lineup wasn’t enough fuel for Westbrook’s fire, there’s also the “stand heard ’round the world.” During Wednesday’s game against San Francisco, Zaza Pachulia knocked Westbrook to the ground.

It appears he administered a slap to the point guard’s face on the way down before standing over him aggressively. Pachulia was given a flagrant foul for the act, which went (momentarily) unnoticed by Westbrook on account of his being in pain on the hardwood floor.

“I didn’t see until just now, but I don’t play that game,” Westbrook said. “I’m going to get his a** back so — whenever that is, I don’t know what it’s going to be, but I don’t play that game.

Pachulia, a 6-11, 275 pound giant, obviously doesn’t know how to pick on someone his own size. Had my imaginary husband Steven Adams been on the court for this, I like to think that revenge would have been given in real time.

Now, we wait for their next reunion. February 11th, at Chesapeake Energy Arena. Fans, let’s get ready to boo like we’ve never boo’d before. Deal?

Until then, Don’t Say What’s Up:

He was snubbed. He was hit. He was stood over. It’s been a rough few days for Russell Westbrook. But, the Russ we know and love wouldn’t sit idly by and take it, right? Right. When leaving the Warriors game Wednesday night, Westbrook was caught on video giving some very specific instructions to a teammate:

“E, don’t say what’s up to that b****-a**!”

It’s safe to say that “E” is probably Enes Kanter. As for the “b****-a**,” I personally think (and hope so much) that it’s Kevin Durant. Because, he is exactly that. But, it could also have been in reference to Pachulia, given the circumstances. Or Draymond Green for his laundry list of antics. Or honestly, anyone. Because Russ will be Russ, and he may actually hate everyone.

Nick Collison Is Still An Angel:

On a much, much lighter note, Nick Collison may not see much time on the court these days, but he’s still a favorite of many Thunder fans. Homeland and the Oklahoma City Thunder partnered to help a single mother of four children buy groceries for her family. Nick Collison, who has participated in this program for a few years now, joined the family as they shopped.

Be Neat, Retweet:

The @okcthunder Twitter account provides countless tweets worthy of sharing on your own Twitter page, and this week’s highlight reinforces the importance of giving back.

As an organization, the Thunder has always been heavily involved with the community, and Enes Kanter is often at the forefront of those efforts. He recently visited The Children’s Center Rehabilitation hospital to spread cheer to children:

See you next week for another installment!

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