Oklahoma City Thunder Weekly Roundup, Edition Six

It’s Friday! You know what that means? Oklahoma City Thunder basketball at the ‘Peake, and of course, the OKC Thunder weekly roundup by Heather Koontz!

He’s Back:

Former Oklahoma City Thunder player Kevin Durant will return to the Chesapeake Energy Area tomorrow when his new team plays his old one for the third time this season. I wrote an open letter to Durant documenting my feelings about his return, which you can read here.

In a recent interview with the Oklahoman, Durant was asked how he plans to cope with the response he’ll receive on the court. He answered:

“I mean, playing in front of those fans again as a Warrior at that, a team that they hate, I know they’re going to be rowdy in there, man.”

Yes, yes we are.

Celebrating History

Have you noticed the warmup shirts our players are donning this month? In honor of Black History Month, they’re being worn league-wide to celebrate African American heritage. The Thunder has also teamed up with Sprite to host their ninth annual Black History Heroes Challenge. The challenge includes an art, poem, and essay contest for Oklahoma students. Additionally, several Thunder players have visited schools to deliver copies of “Martin’s Big Words,” a book about Martin Luther King, Jr.

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Russell Westbrook Kept Vine Alive

Sure, we all know about Russell Westbrook’s triple-doubles. We know he’s made – and continues to make – NBA history. But, did you know his ferocious style of play kept media giant Vine alive a bit longer before it threw in the towel?

Well, that may not be exactly true, but it does make for a good commercial. In case you missed it, Westbrook’s new Foot Locker commercial features plenty of “unofficial” stats the media doesn’t talk about. See for yourself:

Steven Adams Is Sly

During media interviews on Wednesday, Steven Adams noticed an arm injury on an intern with The Franchise 107.7. “What happened to you,” he asks (proving, obviously, how kindhearted he is). When the man answers that he had a basketball injury, Adams jokes: “Punch a chair or anything?” (proving, also, that he can throw major shade at his Mustache Bro).

Sharing Is Caring

In case you haven’t noticed, Thunderous Intentions is a gold mine filled with entertaining, enlightening Oklahoma City Thunder content.

There are plenty of articles to read and share, but here’s this week’s highlight: “Please – Let Us Appreciate Russell Westbrook.”

Thunderous Intentions writer Matthew Hallett dispels the myths, highlights the super stardom, and encourages us all to embrace #0 while we can.

Mark February 17th on your calendar for Edition 7 of Heather’s Weekly Roundup. Enjoy your weekend!

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