Russell Westbrook risks curse, claims he doesn’t know who Lil B is

Will Russell Westbrook pay the price for not knowing Lil B?

Layne Murdoch/NBAE via Getty Ima

Oklahoma City Thunder superstar Russell Westbrook has made a grave mistake. 

In a recent interview with Complex, Westbrook was asked about his opinion on rapper Lil B’s fashion choices. Instead of acknowledging The BasedGod, whom he almost certainly has heard of, Westbrook claimed he had no idea who that was.


Despite the rapper’s infamous "curse" on Westbrook’s Thunder teammate Kevin Durant and former teammate James Harden, Westbrook has decided to tempt the all-mighty BasedGod:

Q: How do you feel about Lil B’s fashion choices?

A: Who?

Q: Lil B.

A: Who is that?

Q: You don’t know the Based God?

A: Nah. I don’t know who that is.

Q: You’ve never heard of him?

A: Nope.

Westbrook might just be standing up for his friends, Durant and Harden, who each have beef with Lil B, by ignoring the cult rapper. Westbrook has been known to troll, after all. And it’s too bad, because Lil B has said before that he has no problem with Westbrook, and that he’s actually a big fan of the Thunder point guard.

But it’s only a matter of time until Lil B curses Westbrook now. For the Thunder’s sake, they better hope he just curses Westbrook, and not the entire Thunder franchise, even though a curse on both Durant and Westbrook is essentially a jinx on the team.

If you were wondering why the Thunder didn’t make our list of the top five contenders this season, you might have your answer. The BasedGod curse on Durant is one thing. But Oklahoma City might be in trouble if it has to overcome two curses.