We bet you can’t guess who’s leading the NBA in assists this season

So much for being a "scoring" point guard.
Kyle Terada/Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Reputation can be a funny thing. Once people have made up their minds about you, it can be hard to shake loose of expectations. Certain points guards in the NBA are known as passers, like Chris Paul, Ricky Rubio and Rajon Rondo. Then you’ve got your scorers, such as Derrick Rose (when he’s healthy), Damian Lillard and Eric Bledsoe. Somewhere in the middle lies someone like Stephen Curry, who does everything well and with aplomb.

But it might be time to do away with those classifications, thanks to Oklahoma City Thunder point guard Russell Westbrook. Westbrook has long dealt with questions about his selfishness and his ability to coexist with a fellow scorer in Kevin Durant. Such concerns have always been overblown. But in 2015-16, they don’t make any sense, because Westbrook is leading the NBA in assists — and by a wide margin.

In just seven games this season, Westbrook has tallied 76 assists (10.9 assists per game). Second on the list currently is Rondo of the Sacramento Kings, who’s dished 62 assists in eight games (7.8 per game).

Stephen Curry is tied for 10th with 47 assists (5.9 per game). Draymond Green has the most assists of a non-guard, with 50 (6.3 per game). And Chris Paul, who’s reportedly fighting multiple injuries, is tied for 13th with 45 assists (7.5 per game).

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