Oklahoma City Thunder News: Colin Cowherd makes egregious comment

Clearly Colin Cowherd is not a fan of the Oklahoma City Thunder once again  stating his dislike for the OKC and Russell Westbrook.

Another day, another comment hating on the Oklahoma City Thunder from Colin Cowherd. Surprised? Neither were we. This time, Cowherd mentioned on his Friday talk show, called “The Herd,” that the Thunder were stolen from Seattle and we did not earn the team. He later went on to say that Thunder fans are the trust fund kids of the NBA.

Cowherd later on in his show decided to comment on the “divorce” of Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook. He said that Durant seems to be happier because he is winning and Westbrook is shooting a lower percentage from the field.

Now, Cowherd has mentioned this multiple times before about how Durant is happier now and Westbrook seems miserable. Which is the exact opposite from writers and columnists perspectives in Oklahoma City. You know, the people who see him everyday and talk to him, have said Westbrook has never been happier. Westbrook has always been about playing ball on the court. He doesn’t smile and joke. That is not him. But I guess that does not fit Cowherd’s narrative of daily hatred on Westbrook.

As he also mentioned in the video, Westbrook is shooting pretty bad from the field compared to the years he has had Durant. Yeah, I guess Westbrook better pass up that shot to let Andre Roberson, who averages 23%, shoot and miss a three. No offense to Roberson, but ask any NBA fan and 99% of them would pick Westbrook to take a shot over Roberson.

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Cowherd chooses day after day to ignore the pretty obvious. Yea, Westbrook shoots a lot, but if he doesn’t the Thunder don’t stay in games.

The offensive firepower in OKC is pretty dismal past Westbrook and Victor Oladipo. This is pretty obvious since the Thunder rank next to last in three point percentage.

Westbrook has no help. He pretty much has to shoot it 20 plus times a night to even give the Thunder a chance of winning.

Maybe Cowherd will one day get why Westbrook must shoot it so much and do pretty much everything or maybe not ignore people who actually see Westbrook outside of the cameras.

But, that would not fit his narrative, so I would not really look forward to it anytime soon.

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