Durant literally fears for Westbrook’s safety on ferocious slams

Oklahoma City guard Russell Westbrook is one of the league's more ferocious slam-dunk artists.
Sue Ogrocki/AP

Russell Westbrook goes so fast and so powerfully to the rim and flushes with such velocity that it’s a wonder he doesn’t hurt himself.

In fact, teammate Kevin Durant is fearful that he might. He compared Westbrook’s slams to playing dodgeball and firing fastballs at your opponent’s head, via The Oklahoman:

"It’s kinda like when you play dodgeball and hit someone in the face. You throw the ball so hard at someone’s face and it’s like…Boom. Sometimes I get a little nervous that he’s gonna hurt his wrist at some point because he’s throwing the ball in the rim so hard."

Westbrook can retire today and put together one of the all-time great dunking highlight reels. His four slams the other night against the Denver Nuggets ran the gamut from spectacular to downright scary.

Well, you can see the danger factor at play here. And why Durant is equally mesmerized by Westbrook’s ferociousness as he is frightened by his fearlessness.

"The way he jumps for a 6-3 guy, I threw that lob to him last night and I was sure it was going out of bounds,” Durant said. “He went upstairs and got that one. Amazing to watch. The dunks he had (against Charlotte) were amazing. At the end of the day, it’s two points, but it’s a flashy two points."

Godspeed, Russ.