Billy Donovan is keeping his mouth shut regarding Kevin Durant’s free agency

Oklahoma City Thunder coach Billy Donovan is choosing his words wisely when discussing Kevin Durant''s impending free agency in 2016.

As a guest on SiriusXM NBA radio with Frank Isola and Mitch Lawrence, Donovan dodged the top of Durant's free agency by claiming he doesn't involve himself in the speculation:

“Kevin's going to handle his situation, but the one thing I do know about Kevin is that he's really focused and locked in on this season,” Donovan said. “Him not playing this year, I think he's just anxious to play.

“I feel like, myself and our staff, our responsibility every day is to try to help Kevin and the rest of these guys, so my focus is kinda on the here and now, and what we need to do today to try to improve as a basketball team. At some point when June and July gets here, it'll be time to deal with that. Right now, I feel like, from my perspective, the team and Kevin deserve my best and our staff's best each and every day to help all those guys get better and our team get better.”

Donovan echoed a similar sentiment on Monday when speaking with the Oklahoma City media

It's in his best interest to tune out the rumors and focus on this season. If the Thunder win the NBA championship, or at least come very close, the odds of Durant leaving are slim to none. But tif the team struggles to make the payoffs, or suffers an early exit, that gives Durant the window to leave the Thunder.

(h/t The Daily Oklahoman)