Russell Westbrook came prepared for the Warriors’ playoff funeral in Game 5

If the Oklahoma City Thunder shock the world and knock off the defending champions on Thursday night, Russell Westbrook will be dressed for the occassion:

That’s definitely a funerary look from the Thunder point guard, although it’s pretty rude to wear a backward hat at a funeral, Russ.

You might think this is just a coincidence. Westbrook is a stylish guy, after all, and black is a pretty fashionable color. Let us assure you — this is by no means a random choice:

Whether Westbrook or his stylist is responsible, we’re not sure. Either way, though, Westbrook — who’s redefining greatness before our very eyes — sent a message to Stephen Curry & Co. before Game 5 even started.

UPDATE: 11:30 PM ET: Maybe a little premature on that one, Russ. Better luck next time.