Oklahoma City sporting goods store selling Kevin Durant jerseys for 48 cents

Kevin Durant left the Oklahoma City Thunder at the altar this summer when he announced he would be signing with the Golden State Warriors.

While many within the Oklahoma City limits are appreciative of what Durant accomplished and did for the city during his tenure as a player, others aren’t quite as forgiving

As a matter of fact, one sporting goods store in particular went so far as to discount their entire Kevin Durant jersey inventory by 99 percent — down to 48 cents.

Via ESPN’s Darren Rovell:

Is it just me or is the air taste a little salty in Oklahoma City?

Speaking of salt … Stephen Curry’s brother, Seth, decided to rub some of it in OKC fans’ wounds on Thursday when he posted this Instagram photo wearing a Thunder-inspired throwback jersey of …

… oh no …

Too soon.

@boi1da #CoseezyBirthdayParty (📷 @jazmiyagi)

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